The AmaBlu® family of blue veined cheese

The historic sandstone Caves of Faribault are home to three premium blue veined cheese available under the AmaBlu® product label. The three cheeses share similar pedigrees: raw cow’s milk, hand made in traditional open vats, hand salted and then cave aged in the hand dug sandstone caves.

The three cheeses vary in physical attributes, flavor, and degree of affinage, the art of cave aging. Our cheese makers vary the types of starter cultures, processing conditions and aging temperatures to attain the desired profile. Variation from cheese to cheese is to be expected, as each of our natural, artisanal cheese wheels are hand-made from whole milk, not machine-made under standardized conditions.

AmaBlu® Blue Cheese

Our flagship brand is our 75 day old cave aged blue cheese. Limiting the aging to 75 days creates a blue cheese with a pleasant, tangy, flavor profile. AmaBlu® Blue Cheese comes in convenient exact weight crumbles and wedges for sprinkling on salad or melting over a hamburger.

AmaGorg® Gorgonzola Cheese

The blue veined Gorgonzola cheese is “sweeter” (less acidic) than our blue cheese. Cave aged a minimum of 90 days, the cheese is somewhat sharper in flavor but still “cleans up” well with a nice mouth feel and finish. The sweeter flavor profile pairs up well with dried fruits and nuts or cut for a cheese plate or dessert table cheese.  AmaGorg won the gold medal in its category at the World Championship Cheese Contest 2010.

AmaBlu® “St. Pete’s Select” blue cheese

Named after the type of sandstone that forms the caves, St. Pete’s Select is our signature super premium American blue cheese. Available only in limited quantities, wheels of St. Pete’s are hand selected during each of the four grading steps, and then cave aged for over 100 days.

The flavor profile of St. Pete’s has been described as “complex, complicated yet delightfully intimate." A deliciously creamy mouth feel and pronounced piquant sharpness are the hallmark characteristics of this classic American-made blue.